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History of olives oil


The History of olives oil is very rich. Since antiquity, the olive tree is considered a symbol of peace and wisdom. Its culture began in Asia Minor, 6000 years before Christ. Already at the time, Syrians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Greeks or even Romans were convinced of its therapeutic properties. From the 6th millennium, its cultivation has gradually spread throughout the Mediterranean basin – a region which, because of its heat and dry climate, is conducive to the development of olive trees. (And indeed, of the 830 olive trees recorded in the world, 3/4 of the olive trees grow in the Mediterranean basin). Today, the consumption of olive oil is booming. Its flavor and its health benefits make it the second most consumed oil by the French (after sunflower oil), with an average of 1.4 liters per year and per capita. A figure that seems all the same ridiculous compared to 22.8 liters of olive oil that a Greek consumes on average every year …

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